Friday, 28 November 2008

Easy ways to Make Money Online with an ei42 shop

An ei42 shop could be a great little money spinner! The only problem is that it is currently only available in the UK.

I personally came across the site whilst reading Mikes Money Making Mission Blog (he has just begun a test to see if owning a shop does to prove to be a good source of making money online).

The Great thing is that setting up a shop is Easy and Free meaning that it is Risk Free!

What is ei42?

Essentially ei42 is all about shopping.

There are 1,507 retailers to choose from and not just any old shops. These are the UK's biggest brands including the likes of Debenhams, New Look, HMV, Tesco, Amazon, CDWow, ebay,, Boots, Waterstones, Currys, Marks and Spencer, the list just goes on and on.

Basically any shop that you would visit whilst shopping especially leading up to Christmas.

Once you sign up you get your free shop, which is created with ease via their basic template. You can choose the colour. Here is my shop to view: Drews Bargain Shop

Getting Paid.

You get money back through commission earned, these are:
  1. Personal Commission; Purchases made on your own shop (you will of course need to market your own shop to get people buying). You will also receive commission on your own purchases giving you discounted shopping.
  2. Team Commission; You earn a percentage of sales from sales generated by people you introduce. The commission earned is on 7 tiers of introductions which could lead to a large network (this is of course a form of MLM or Multi Level Marketing).

When you share Ei42 with your friends/readers of your site you automatically qualify to earn a percentage of the commissions generated from sales made by your whole team up to and including seven levels (which is a lot of people).

Some other benefits of an ei42 shop include:

  • With other loyalty schemes your earnings are limited by the amount you personally spend but with Ei42 those limits don't exist because your team of friends is getting bigger every day.
  • Every time you refer a friend to Ei42 you grow your business because every new friend adds a new shop to the Ei42 shopping network. More shops equals more sales and more profits that you can share in.

Commissions rates offered by each vendor vary but the Affiliate control panel is very clear and concise.

I will of course update how the shop has been working for me and if it is a viable form of earning money online. I will also inform via Blog Addick if there are any major issues with the site.

At the very least it will be a discounted form of buying products online from the top stores.