Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Ei42 Shop Update

Here is some more Information about the Ei42 Shop.

For anyone that is interested Ei42 stands for: E is for Everything I is for Internet and 42 is the supposed answer to Life, The Universe and Everything else.

Click here to build your Ei42 shop, receive cashback on online purchases and start building your online network to start earning some serious cash.

Watch and listen to the vision of Ei42's Managing Director below:

The basic description of the Ei42 business model is that:

Ei42 is a business opportunity that gives you the chance to earn commissions as an affiliate and earn money by introducing others from your ‘social network’. You also receive money back on your own purchases.

You tell your friends and colleagues about this free affiliate shopping site and hopefully they will sign up and tell their friends about it. Any purchases they make that qualify for affiliate commission you get a 10% cut. Then if your friend invites someone else, you get 4% of their purchases and so on. This continues for 7 affiliate tiers (which will involve a considerable number of affiliates).

You can see my store here: Drews Bargain Shop

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